Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Allegro Cafe@SS15, Subang Jaya

DA: Where shall we dine today?
Yuyu: Erm... don't know oo, you think la...

DA: let's drive around and see...

After driving around and around and around and around in Sunway

DA: Aiya, only have steamboat
Yuyu: er... why dun't we go to SS15 and see...

Reaching SS15

DA: eh, what do you want to eat?

Yuyu: anything....

DA: ... ...

Yuyu: ... ...

Yuyu: Eh, Allegro... had u been there?

DA: Nope

Yuyu: Let's try and see!

Upon walking in to Allegro
DA and Yuyu [thinking]: How come nobody inside?
DA and Yuyu [thinking]: Oh no... shall we leave? [but we had seated down] Erm....
nola, paiseh!

Finally, we decided not to leave, however, there's nobody in the restaurant at 9pm besides both of us! erm... It was Sunday!

We made a quick decision to have Pasta and Pizza... of course, it's an Italian Restaurant, what else do you want? :p ... well, they do serve steaks or chops!

While having our pizza, the chief, WE GUESS, walked out the restaurant.... then came back.... and WE SAW, WE GUESS, that he grabbed some garlics in his hand....

I can't remember the name of the pizza nor the pasta... this pizza tasted yummy

First bite... Wow... it tasted great.... second bite... wow... the garlic tasted so great.....
ahaha... we wonder if it's the garlic that we saw just now:p

Well, we both had a very nice and full dinner in Allegro, we'll go back for dessert one day :)

YuYu's personal rating, which based on her personal taste bud and feeling:-
Food: 8.5/10

Service: 9/10 (very good service :p)
Ambiance: 8.5/10

Allegro Cafe,
Trattoria Italiana,
51 Ground Floor,
Jalan SS15/4,
Subang Jaya.

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