Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant @ Teluk Gong

Teluk Gong... I heard this name long long time ago and I'd never paid any visit until 3 days ago... According to MY, we only took 25 mins from Bukit Jalil to Teluk Gong... Woow... No doubt, both MY and Andy were speeding :p ahahaha....

Seafood Seafood, I love to eat Seafood...

Toddy 椰花酒 RM2.50/bottle
It tasted like rice wine (米酒) for me, not bad!

Left to Right: Black Pepper Udon RM8, Fried Rice RM6, Fried Bee Hon RM4.50,
Fried Oyster RM10, Mix Vege RM13
(According to some friends, the rice and noddles were tasteless, but it's ok for me as I am not so into salty taste nowadays :p hehe...)
This's the Baby LaLa in the Fried Bee Hun, haha... So small and so cute and so pity!!!

Tom Yum Prawn RM53 (We ordered 2, not bad but it tasted little sour and the prawns were little over-cooked)
Fish-白须公RM34 (This tasted fresh)

Crab: Kam Hiong (金香)RM30/kg, Butter Crab (奶油)RM32/kg,
Sweet Sour(茄汁)RM30/kg
(We all love the Sweet Sour Crab as it's the most tasty and 入味one, Kam Hiong and Butter Crab were little dissapointed though, and LF found that the crabs are so "BIG")

Well, overall the seafoods there were just adverage, but we had a wonderful gathering there as the environment was not bad, it wasn't hot there too because they have quite some celling fans, however I really don't like the toilet as it can't be locked and no flush and no water in the toilet :(

YuYu's personal rating, which based on her personal taste bud and feeling:-

Food: 7.5/10

Drinks: 7/10 (well, hard to rate this as we only ordered chinese tea-Bou Lei)

Service: 9/10

Ambiance: 8/10

Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant
Teluk Gong

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